MFA, Electronic Arts, Renssealaer Polytechnic Institute, 1995.

BA, Fine and Performing Arts, Simon Fraser University, 1993.


Phillip Djwa (MFA, Renssealaer Polytechnic Institute, 1995) is a digital media strategist, facilitator and creative director. He is passionate about the opportunities for arts and technology to inform social change.

Starting as an electroacoustic composer for theatre and dance for more than a decade, Djwa is now a creative technologist and interactive strategist with more than 20 years experience in interactive design, digital media and film/TV for First Nations, progressive organisations and social venture companies.

I have been teaching in numerous different situations for many years. Through that time, Ive distilled my approach into four different principles.

Spark creativity and interest
Its key for students to feel interest and excitement in the opportunities.

Invite collaboration
Students should learn collaboration through working together.

Convene in a caring and respectful way
The classroom has to be warm, inviting and caring.

Mentorship is the model
Respecting teaching as mentorship and guidance, rather than as a top-down traditional teaching methodology.

Acknowledge experience
Students come to my class with a variety of experience that should be recognized and celebrated.