What is a First-Year Seminar?

First-Year Seminars (FYS) are engaging and unique discussion-oriented and project-based classes designed specifically for students with fewer than 30 credits.

The courses are ideal for students to connect with one another and build their academic skills with the support of a faculty member who is passionate about the topic. These three-credit electives can be used to meet Cap Core requirements.

Classes are capped at 25 students, making our already small class sizes even smaller. This enables additional robust conversations, deeper learning and opportunities to practice concepts in the classroom.

Setting you up for success

Studies have proven FYS are beneficial in your overall academic career as they help build academic confidence early, enable you to meet students in other programs, create a social and support network and connect you with passionate faculty instructors who are experts in the topic.

FYS will help you build foundations in:

  • opportunities to write and rewrite
  • using referencing to support writing
  • discussions to objectively analyze content
  • presentations to effectively communicate your analysis and evaluation
  • how to locate, evaluate and use information
  • apply information to best support your academic work
  • learn to work and solve problems together
  • create an assignment, product or project in a group


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