Your future begins in first year. Start building the competencies you’ll need for career success with the CapU Launch program.

More than 97% of employers we surveyed agree that it’s important for students to develop their soft or transferable skills before graduation. Many employers find new graduates lack these skills. 

Learn the skills that will make you stand out in a job competition with CapU Launch, a self-paced, co-curricular program that is designed to help you build the confidence, clarity and competencies to successfully launch your career upon graduation.

  • Develop a deeper understanding of your skills, abilities, interests and values;
  • Explore career options and clarify your career direction;
  • Develop the soft skills employers are looking for;
  • Expand your professional network;
  • Learn how to present yourself online, in a resumé and an interview; and
  • Build the confidence to land that first big job.

Activities are offered online through eLearn modules, as well as in person at workshops and events and through experiential learning activities. This flexible program allows you to tailor optional activities to your interests as well.

The program focuses on developing your confidence and competencies in 10 key areas:

Using logic, research and reasoning abilities to understand complex problems and apply viable solutions.

Working with others productively and effectively by leading yourself and others to contribute ideas, manage conflict constructively and achieve common goals.

Expressing ideas, opinions and information clearly, persuasively and professionally both written and verbal.

  • Awareness of personal emotions and behaviours and how it affects others; and
  • Understanding the reactions of others and being able to appropriately respond to their needs.
  • Demonstrating tact, work ethic, time management, positive attitude, integrity, proper conduct and ethical and responsible behaviours in professional interactions; and
  • Committed to ongoing personal and professional development.

Evaluating various options and alternatives to arrive at an informed decision.

Using, understanding and selecting suitable digital tools and technologies to achieve a desired outcome.

Communicating, navigating and operating effectively with individuals from diverse backgrounds and within various cultural contexts.

Transitioning and adjusting to challenges, expectations and new situations aptly by demonstrating agility, resourcefulness and flexibility.

Conceiving of new ideas and novel adaptations to different contexts.

Who is the program for? 

While the program is designed for students who are in two- to four-year programs, any CapU student who is able to satisfy the requirements before graduation is welcome to participate.

We also encourage an early start to the program so new students would be ideal. 

Timeline of the program 

Download the CapU Launch Timeline (pdf) for more information. 

How to apply 

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