Capilano University's Academic Integrity Policy (pdf) is designed to promote an atmosphere of academic integrity on campus and respond appropriately to incidents that do not follow this.

Though many instructors provide resources and information on academic integrity, the responsibility lies with students to ensure that they understand these terms and know how to avoid them.

Capilano University has a culture of integrity, ethical conduct, and intellectual and academic honesty and expects its students to uphold these values.

Academic integrity is fundamental to the creation, transmission and acquisition of knowledge; the upholding of academic integrity is a condition of continued enrolment at Capilano University.

Students are expected to meet the standards of academic, as well as any additional course-specific academic integrity standards stated in the course syllabus.

Standards of academic integrity include, but are not limited to:

  • Independently producing work submitted under their own name;
  • Properly and appropriately documenting all work;
  • Identifying all collaborators in work;
  • Completing examinations without giving or receiving assistance unless assistance is required due to documented accommodation; and
  • Respecting the integrity of examination materials and/or the examination process.

If you are the respondent in a academic integrity investigation, we recommend visiting Information For Respondents.