Open Education at Capilano University promotes a culture of sharing and equitability among our faculty and students.

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Open education at CapU is informed by a set of values that seek to:

  • Reduce barriers to education;
  • Promote accessibility;
  • Ensure quality; and
  • Increase affordability.

Currently, among university students in British Columbia: 

  • 54% do not purchase the required textbook for courses
  • 26% do not register for a course due to textbook costs
  • 27% will take fewer courses due to textbook costs (Jhangiani, R.S. & Jhangiani, 2017)
  • A 2016 student survey showed that, on average, half of respondents paid $500 or more on textbooks per year (So & Doering, 2016)

Open Educational Resources (OERs)

Open Educational Resources (OERs) are one component of open education. OERs cover a range of teaching and learning materials including textbooks, lectures, activities and even entire courses.

OERs are published under open licenses, which means you can adapt and adopt these materials to fit your needs. They are generally free in digital formats and can be printed at low cost.

Resources for Faculty

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Find out how you can support students.

Resources for Students

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