What is Peer Helping?

The Peer Leader Program supports peer helping and activities across campus. Peer leaders receive training that equips them to recognize when other students experience difficulties and to help them with personal and academic struggles that may affect their success at University. Peer leaders engage with and help other students in meaningful ways.

Students can look to peer leaders for assistance and referrals to professional resources that can help them with their concerns. Peer leaders create peer learning opportunities that build skills or assist new students with their transition to the University environment. Examples of peer leading activities include mentoring, organizing events, providing information and academic support.

Peer leaders are trained to:

  • Make referrals to professionals when appropriate
  • Provide support
  • Listen with empathy
  • Help with decision-making
  • Provide problem-solving assistance

More information

If you are looking for more information about how to get involved in Peer Leader Program, how to access peer leading program supports or if you want to start a program yourself, please contact the student success facilitator for student engagement at studentaffairs@capilanou.ca

To apply to be a peer leader, visit Applying to be a Peer Leader.