We are excited about welcoming you to Capilano University.

To make your transition to Capilano and to life in Vancouver easier, we have a great group of student volunteers, international mentors that are keen to:

  • Show you the Capilano University, North Vancouver campus.
  • Introduce you to their friends.
  • Organize events for you and all other new international students and invite you to get together.
  • Introduce you to Canadian culture, holidays, celebrations and lifestyle in Vancouver.
  • Share their experience about how to succeed in classes, how to approach professors with questions, and where to go to gather help.
  • Show you important departments and services on campus that you could take advantage of while studying at Capilano U including the Writing Centre, the Advising Centre, the Sportsplex, the Library, the Centre for International Experience, the Capilano Student Union (CSU), the Health Services and Sports Medicine Clinic, the Bookstore, and others.

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