You can register with Accessibility Services as soon as you have accepted your offer of admission. The registration process begins when you submit verifying documentation of a disabling condition.

Allow ample time to ensure your academic accommodations will be available when needed. Services, equipment and funding requests can require several months of lead time.

Registration is a three-step process: 

Your first appointment helps us learn about your educational history, previous accommodations and how the academic environment can adapt to fit your needs.

During this appointment, we will go over how Capilano University can support you with academic accommodations to meet your course requirements.

Creating a Notification of Accommodation

Working with a Faculty Accessibility Services Advisor, you will establish a Notification of Accommodation letter to communicate your academic accommodations to instructors.

The Notification of Accommodation letter maintains confidentiality about the nature of a disability and only informs instructors about authorized academic accommodations.

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Important note

If this is your first time using the online appointment booking system, the confirmation email will likely go to your junk folder. Once you have located the email in the junk folder, please select as "not junk."

If you are a prospective student, incoming student or experiencing difficulties with the online appointment booking system, please contact Accessibility Services at 604 983 7526 or access-serv@capilanou.ca.

Complete and submit the Accommodation Request Form. This helps prepare us for your appointment by offering information and sharing expectations.

Accommodation Request Form

You need to establish your eligibility through supporting documentation to qualify for academic accommodations. Your documentation allows Accessibility Services to evaluate your request.

Documentation requirements

  1. States a diagnosis and delineate permanent or temporary
  2. Issued from a certified, licensed practitioner qualified to make the diagnosis
  3. Includes a listing of functional impacts pertaining to post-secondary
  4. Current within three years

To register as a student with a learning disability, a full psychoeducational assessment that is less than five years old or completed at age 18 or older is required.

Download a Verification of Permanent Disability form. Section 4 pertains to obtain qualifying documentation or submit equivalent medical documentation.

Documentation that is dated or lacking documentation requirements will be considered to start the academic accommodation process while more current and comprehensive documentation is pursued.

Providing documentation

Submit your documentation to Accessibility Services using this portal at least one week before your first appointment:

Upload Documentation

If you are unable to upload your documentation, please mail it to:

Accessibility Services
Capilano University
Birch Building, room BR284
2055 Purcell Way
North Vancouver, B.C.  V7J 3H5

Notification of Accommodation

Once you have registered with Accessibility Services and your academic accommodations are determined, Notification of Accommodation letters sharing those will be produced for your instructors based on your course registration. Letters are available the first and second week of each semester.

The best way to implement academic accommodations is to introduce yourself to your instructors during their office hours early in the semester. This way you can directly and privately discuss how your accommodation needs can be met.

If you are registered for temporary academic accommodations or would like to discuss changes to your academic accommodations, you can schedule an appointment with your Faculty Accessibility Services Advisor.

Take note that you may have requests of Accessibility Services ongoing through the semester such as scheduling a timed evaluation or arranging alternate format materials.


Your personal information is confidential and can only be used for the purpose for which it was collected. Its collection, protection, retention and disclosure is governed by the BC Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (FIPPA).


You can email access-serv@capilanou.ca or call 604 983 7526. 


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