Capilano University is committed to addressing sexual violence through promoting awareness, enhancing understanding and taking measures to prevent and respond to sexual violence as per the Sexual Violence Policy.

Capilano University does not condone sexual violence and is committed to maintaining a safer and caring campus community through promoting a culture of consent and respect.

We recognize that anyone can experience sexual violence, and that anyone can cause harm. When recognizing this, we understand that some groups of people experience sexual violence at higher rates.

Social factors such as colonialism, race, gender, sexuality, ability, age, socio-economic status, spirituality, immigration status, and ethnicity play a part of who is targeted for violence. These social factors also mean that people may experience sexual violence differently.

We understand that sexual violence can have many impacts on individuals and communities, and that there are many barriers to people disclosing or reporting.

At Capilano University, there are support resources available to support those impacted by sexual violence. Our support services are trauma-informed, non-judgmental and confidential. Those that access supports will be treated with dignity and respect and given the agency to choose what options they may need.

Capilano University is currently developing a multi-year sexual violence prevention and education plan to look at long term strategies to shift campus culture.

This plan includes educational opportunities for students and employees to learn more about sexual violence prevention, consent, and creating a community of care and respect.

The I ♥ Consent campaign is a collaboration between Student Affairs and the CapU Students Union and offers a variety of tools and opportunities for learners.

For further information about the policy and procedures, you can contact Ashley Bentley at