At Capilano University, we have supports for those who want to disclose and those who want to report. These supports take into account that safety looks different for everyone.

University community members can disclose without making a report. If you receive a disclosure, maintain confidentiality and listen, believe and refer.

This means listening with empathy and being non-judgmental; it also means believing someone’s experience and then referring them to supports and resources for subject matter expert support.

If someone impacted by sexual violence chooses not to access support resources, that is their choice.


The Student Rights and Responsibilities Advisor provides confidential support and services, and is available for in person and virtual appointments during office hours. The Student Rights and Responsibilities Advisor may also be able to meet you at a place of your choosing and at a time outside of office hours.

Some of the supports and services offered include:

  • Emotional support (non-counselling)
  • Safety planning
  • Academic and other accommodations
  • Hospital accompaniment
  • Information on reporting options including external third party reporting
  • Information about on- and off-campus resources such as financial aid, legal support, emergency housing, sexual health etc.
  • Support for faculty and staff in responding to disclosures

The Student Rights and Responsibilities Advisor is also able to take University reports and can provide information on reporting and investigation processes through University processes. This may include conducting investigations or bringing in another investigator.

Counselling Services are also free for Capilano University students, and offer another option for ongoing emotional support and accommodations.


The Student Rights and Responsibilities Advisor works in collaboration with Human Resources.

Human Resources can provide employees with information on support and safety options, receiving reports, and conduct investigations.

Other support resources for employees can be found at the Sexual Violence Resources page.