This webpage provides a central location for policies and procedures currently in effect that have been approved by Capilano University's Board of Governors, Senate or Senior Leadership Council. The policies here form the university's policy manual. In case of any discrepancy between versions of any policies, the policy found on this page shall be considered the official version.

All policies are categorized under the nine subject headings listed below. Clicking on the policy number or procedure will open up a PDF document. To search for a policy on this page, use Ctrl+F.

  • Governance
  • Academic and Students
  • Financial Management
  • Human Resources
  • Safety, Risk Management and Security
  • Research
  • Information Management and IT
  • Buildings and Properties
  • University Relations

Please contact the Office of Policy, Privacy and Governance if you have any questions.

Board By-laws B.306  
Board Member and Board Chair Role Descriptions B.309  
Board of Governors Charter B.308  
Policy Development and Management B.102  
Senate Academic Planning and Program Review Committee S2011-01  
Senate Budget Advisory Committee Mandate and Structure S1995.07  
Senate By-law, Policy and Procedure Committee Mandate and Structure S2004-04  
Senate Curriculum Committee Mandate and Structure S1998-01  
Senate Instructional Technologies Advisory Committee S2013-04  
Senate Naming Opportunities Committee Mandate and Structure S2008-02  
Senate Nominating Committee S2009-01  
Senate Self-Evaluation Committee S2013-03  
Vision, Values, Mission, Goals and Strategic Directions B.101  
Academic and Students   
Academic Freedom S2003-01  
Academic Honours S1989-02 See Academic Policies and Procedures
Academic Integrity S2017-05 Academic Integrity Procedures
Academic Schedule B.107  
Academic Standing S2003-03  
Access and Accommodation Policy for Students with Disabilities S1999-09 See Academic Policies and Procedures
Athletic Awards E.107  
Attendance S1900-01 See Academic Policies and Procedures
Capilano Achievement Scholarships (CAPA) E.709  
Capilano Excellence Scholarships (CAPX) E.708  
Capilano Program Awards (CAPP) E.706  
Class Size OP.101  
Course Outlines and Course Approval S.2009-06  
Credential and Course Criteria S2015-05  
Credit and Non-Credit Courses B.108  
Definition of Full-Time Student S2002-04  
Discontinuance of Programs or Courses B.104 B.104.1 Discontinuance of Programs or Courses Procedure
Establishment and Discontinuance of Faculties B.105  
Final Examinations S2017-02  
First Nations - Policy Statements Memo 26  
Grade Assignment During an Academic Disruption S2016-01 Grade Assignment During an Academic Disruption Procedure
Grade Change Time Limit S.1990-02  
Grading Profile S2017-01  
Graduation S2107-04  
Mature Student Admission S2017-03  
Naming of Academic Units E.303  
Posthumous Credential S2011-02  
Prior Learning Assessment Policy S2002-03  
Program Advisory Committees B.103  
Program and Course Review and Approval B.106 B.106.01 Program Review
Repeated Courses S2003-02 See Academic Policies and Procedures
Scholarships, Bursaries, and Awards Committee ARM1076  
Senate Student Appeals S2015-03  
Senate Student Appeals Committee Mandate and Structure S2015-02 Senate Student Appeals Committee Procedure
Student Code of Conduct B.701 B.701.1 Student Code of Conduct Board; B.701.2 Student Code of Conduct Procedures
Students - Statement of Rights and Responsibility E.702  
Students' Religious Observances ARM1072  
Teaching Out Suspended or Discontinued Programs S2013-02  
Transfer Credit Policy S2013-01 See Transfer Options
Tuition Fees and Other Charges - Domestic and International B.202  
Student Fundraising E.705  
Sexual Violence and Misconduct Sexual Violence and Misconduct Procedure B.401.1 Sexual Violence and Misconduct Procedure
Financial Management
Academic Agreements S2015-01  
Automobile Insurance - Employees E.206  
Bank Accounts - Financial Agreements E.204  
Board Scholarships B.204  
Budget Policy B.206  
Capital and Operating Expenditures E.203  
Cheque Signing - Responsibilities - First and Second Signatories ARM 5000  
Cost Recovery Courses ARM 1003  
Educational Partnerships, Credit Activities - Contracts, Revision ARM 1054  
Emergency Bursaries and Fee Waivers B.203  
Expenses - General - Report - Forms/Travel E.207 See Frontlines - Forms, Guides, Manuals - Financial Services 
Expenses - Meetings and Hostings/Other Gatherings of Employees or Community Members B.302  
Expenses - Reimbursement B.208  
Holiday Celebrations - Expenses ARM 5503  
Illness & Bereavement - Flowers & Gifts ARM 5502  
Investment Policy B.201  
Liability Insurance - Employees E.209  
Long Distance Calls E.208  
Membership Costs - Professional Associations - Professional Certification/Designation ARM 1089  
Petty Cash Funds ARM 1049  
Purchasing Card Policy - Charge Card ARM 1120  See Frontlines - Departments & Services - Purchasing Services
Purchasing/Procurement - Donations/Vendor Partnerships E.205  
Retirement Recognition Policy for Capilano University Employees B.205  
Salary Advances - Requests E.503  
Signing Authority Policy E.211  
Students' Failure to Pay Fees and Charges E.201  
Human Resources
Administrator Compensation B.509  
Administrator Emeritus Policy Memo 53  
Administrator Vacancies - Position Review ARM 5500  
Administrators - Conditions of Employment B.503  
Appointment of Personnel B.501  
Dean Search Process E.508  
Educational Qualifications S2006-02  
Employee-Student Relationships B.311 B.311.1 Employee-Student Relationships Procedure
Employment Contracts - Presidents and Vice Presidents B.510  
Exceptional Time Reporting - Employee ARM 5001  
Exempt Employees - Conditions of Employment B.504  
Faculty Emeritus S1999-06 Selecting Faculty Emeritus Recipients
Harassment Policy E.501  
Joint Appointments - Evaluation Process - Faculty ARM 5501  
President - Responsibilities B.502  
Protected Disclosure - Whistleblowers B.310 B.310.1 Protected Disclosure (Whistleblower) Procedure
Standards of Conduct B.506  
Term-Defined Administrator Policy B.507  
Term-Defined Exempt Employee Policy B.508  
University Contributions to Employee's RRSP B.505  
Violence in the Workplace E.407  
Safety, Risk Management and Security
Alcohol Usage Policy E.414 Contact Julie Vanderyagt or Frontlines - Special Events & Ceremonies 
Crisis/Emergency Management E.404  
Emergency University Closure Policy E.412  
First Aid Equipment and Services - WCB Injury Reporting - Accident Investigations ARM 1103  
Safety Policy E.402  
Video Surveillance Policy E.210  
Workplace Hazardous Materials Information Systems ARM 1030  
Research Ethics Policy - Research with Human Subjects S2002-01  
Information Management and IT
Copyright Policy B.601  
Employee Email Policy E.603  
Fair Dealing (Copyright) Policy E.308 See Capilano Library Copyright
Information Systems Development & Acquisition ARM 1124  
Information Technology Equipment Management ARM 1123  
Information Technology Security ARM 1118  
Responsible Use of Information Technology ARM 1122  
Student Email Policy E.602  
Student Records Management - Student Records Access ARM 1092  
Student Use of Information Technology Facilities and Services E.704  
Support Services - CapCard Centre - Mail Services E.406  
Website Policy E.601  
Buildings and Property
Advertising or Promotional Materials - Unsolicited Distributing or Placing ARM 1068  
Art Exhibition E.416 Art Exhibit Procedures
College Equipment - Non-College Use ARM 1062  
College Facilities and Equipment - Use by Employees Memo 11  
College Property - Missing/Stolen Procedure - Replacement ARM 1100  
Community Garden E.415  
Energy Policy E.409  
Equipment - University Owned - Off Campus Use - Authorization and Conditions ARM 1050  
Facilities Access Policy - After Hours Access: Students E.403  
Facilities Access Policy - After Hours Access: Employees E.408  
Flag Display E.410  
Naming Implementation E.307  
Naming of Buildings, Spaces & Programs/Guidelines for Recognition/Fundraising    
Painting of Offices E.411  
Parking Permits ARM 1032  
Sale of Goods and/or Services on University Property ARM 1084  
Space Changes E.405  
Space Policy E.309  
Sustainability Policy E.401  
System for Naming Buildings at Capilano University B.305  
Temporary Rental of University Space E.413  
Use of College's Public Space by Student Clubs or Groups ARM 1116  
University Relations
Brand, Promotions and Publicity OP.417 Brand Promotions and Publicity Procedure
Credit-Free Activities - Partnerships - Co-Sponsored or Sponsored E.305  
Cap U Foundation - Gift Acceptance Policy B.307  
Cap U Foundation - Charitable Donations B.304  
Cap U Foundation - Fundraising Policy E.302  
Cap U Foundation - Gifts-in-Kind - Donation of Services E.306  
Development and Alumni Relations - Data Management E.306  
Distinguished Alumni Award Memo 48 See Alumni Association site
Honorary Degrees S2010-01 Selecting Honorary Degree Recipients
The One to Watch Alumni Award Memo 50 See Alumni Association
Public and Media Relations OP.304  
Senate Tributes Committee S2009-02