3D Animation for Film and Games Diploma

  • Apply today to become one of the select 25 students to study in Western Canada's most successful and powerfully-equipped computer animation facilities. The two year 3D Animation for Film and Games diploma program offers students the training necessary to bring 3D computer generated characters and environments to life! Utilizing advanced animation software, students will develop the artistic skills necessary for a rewarding career in the computer graphics and animation industries.

    Program Objectives

    Consumer demand for high quality animation and visuals has fueled the growth of the computer animation industry over the last decade. Visual artists with excellent design and character animation skills and a firm understanding of computer animation technology are in demand worldwide. With the assistance of new computer animation technologies, skilled artists are producing stunning visuals for computer games, multimedia, web, television and feature film.

    The goal of the 3D Animation program is to prepare talented artists for a successful career in the computer animation field. This intensive two year training program is designed for accomplished artists and animators wishing to develop the artistic and technical skills necessary to work in the computer animation industry. This production-oriented approach to training prepares students for a successful animation career in the entertainment industry.

    The program is focused on developing students’ creative and artistic skills in the areas of drawing, design, modeling, texturing, lighting and character animation. Successful graduates will complete a professional quality demo reel showcasing their 3-D design and computer animation capabilities.

    Prior Learning

    In our opinion, computer animation training is a waste of your money if you are coming into this field "cold." The following describes areas of competence which should be considered for success in the 3D Animation Program at Capilano University:

    • Art and Design Experience
      A portfolio of work which demonstrates your ability to draw and design will be required for application to the program. Excellent creative and artistic vision are necessary in order to develop good quality animation skills.
    • Basic Computer Skills
      If you are familiar with computer operating systems and a variety of software including 2D and 3D programs, it will be easier for you to learn the high-end computer animation packages.
    • Animation Experience
      A knowledge of traditional animation principles and timing will be an important asset for success in our 3D Animation Program. We have a number of part-time and summer courses available to get your started.
    • Personal Vision
      You should have a clear idea of what you want to achieve and what you want to do with the knowledge and experience you will acquire. You should have researched your options and come to the conclusion that this program is the "tool" to realize your goals.

    Career Opportunities

    Graduates of the 3D Animation diploma will be qualified to produce 3D characters and animation using a variety of software tools.

    Graduates may find work in computer games, multimedia, web, film and television production companies. Students may specialize in:

    • Character Design, Sculpting and Texturing
    • Environment Design, Modeling and Texturing
    • Material Shading and Lighting
    • Character Rigging and Technical Direction
    • Character Animation

    Graduates have been hired by the following companies:

    • 20th Century Fox
    • Aardman Animation (UK)
    • Bardel Animation (Vancouver)
    • Big Sandwich Games (Vancouver)
    • Core Digital Pictures (Toronto)
    • Electronic Arts (Vancouver)
    • EA BlackBox Games (Vancouver)
    • Imperia Media
    • Frantic Films
    • Mainframe Entertainment (Vancouver)
    • Nerd Corps (Vancouver)
    • Nitrogen Studios (Vancouver)
    • Radical Entertainment (Vancouver)
    • Rainmaker
    • Rockstar Vancouver
    • Relic Entertainment (Vancouver)
    • Topix Animation (Toronto)
    • Vanguard Animation (Vancouver)
    • And many others (Toronto, Montreal, Germany)
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