Digital Visual Effects Diploma

  • Do you wonder how blockbuster films are made? Have you ever wanted to make your own films, create your own worlds and tell your own stories? Do you have an eye for detail, and a penchant for technical wizardry?

    The Digital Visual Effects Diploma is a 2-year program which covers all the techniques for creating digital visual effects for film and television. It runs from September to April for two years (16 months) with a class size of 25 students.

    The Visual Effects lab is in the new Bosa Centre for Film and Animation, the largest film training centre in Western Canada, and uses the following software:

    • VFX Software Applications
    • Autodesk Maya
    • Side Effects Houdini
    • Autodesk Motionbuilder
    • The Foundry Nuke
    • Adobe Photoshop
    • PF Track / Syntheyes
    • World Builder
    • Topogun 

    Are you looking for high end Visual Effects and Animation training right here in your own backyard?
    Capilano University's VFX program builds upon the excellent industry reputation that has made the University a destination of choice for students and individuals looking to upgrade their skills. 

    Are you looking for a School with a history of academic excellence that offers the most up to date education in the competitive Visual Effects Industry?
    Our curriculum is unique amongst all Visual Effects course offerings in Canada. 

    Are you looking for a leading Visual Effects program instructed by some of the brightest minds in industry today?
    Our Instructors are working professionals from high end film, broadcast and software companies, passionate about teaching and passing on their craft to the next generation of film makers. 

    Are you looking for a Visual Effects program that has a high Instructor/ Lab Supervisor to Student ratio?
    Our classes are capped at 24 students, and all classes are supported by lab supervisors who often have years of industry experience. 

    Are you looking for a Visual Effects program where your computers are not shared with any other students for the duration of your education?
    Your workstation is yours for the duration of your education at Capilano period. Students often decorate their work spaces with personal touches; pictures, toys etc,  that say something about who they are. 

    Are you looking for a Visual Effects program that offers one of the lowest tuitions for a two year program anywhere in the world?
    Our tuition is lower than any competing schools in the lower mainland while our programs tend to be of longer duration. 

    Are you looking for a campus that is nestled at the foot of a rain forest, minutes from the ocean, majestic mountains with world class winter and summer amenities as well as a world class city in Vancouver?

    Are you looking for a school that offers training on some of the best equipment in the business?
    We have three large, fully equipped sound stages, a huge 200 seat viewing 3D movie theatre where we screen dailies, and portfolios, a 3d screening room boasting the largest 3d projection TV of its kind in Canada. Our labs are stuffed with the latest and greatest in leading edge hardware. Our machines are chock full of the most relevant industry standard cg applications. Our hardware is on par with or betters the machines found in many visual effects studios. 

    Are you looking for a school that has a dedicated motion capture studio?
    We run a 24 camera optitrack system with the capability to run virtual reality applications along side. 

    Are you interested in making contacts with industry, and gaining work experience while still studying in school? We are currently the only visual effects program in Canada offering a practicum in our second year, placing students in studios to mentor and learn on the job skills. 

    Are you interested in a visual effects program that collaborates with other departments to round out a students education?
    We collaborate with our Motion Picture degree programs, documentary, digital animation, costuming and cinematography programs to provide an even greater experience for our students. This collaboration also expands a students network of contacts, which are crucial in helping them gain employment in the field. 

    Your future career in Visual Effects begins right here at Capilano University. Join us in what we think will be a great adventure and the most rewarding learning experience of your life.

  • “Capilano University is a great way for you to grow and start your first step into Visual Effects! We've had the pleasure of working with some great junior artist who will no doubt have a huge impact in this industry in the years to come! Cap U is the place for you!!”

    Cassandra Nelson, Recruiter
    Prime Focus Creative Services Canada Inc.

    “Integrating young, eager and sometimes shy students is not always easy but the Capilano University students learned and adapted quickly to the fast VFX pace and early into their practicum their personalities and abilities blossomed. “

    Roula Lainas, Producer,
    Talent & Brand, Zoic Studios, BC

    "I had the pleasure of working with some very talented VFX practicum students from Capilano College. The students were motivated, enthusiastic, creative, and overall superseded my expectations. I am glad they chose us for their practicum."

    Christian Blaze, Director and Producer