General guidelines

Employers must adhere to all federal and provincial legislation pertaining to recruitment and other activities that may affect students and graduates of Capilano University.

It is not our role to monitor the recruiting practices of employers, but the Career Development Centre reserves the right to ban or suspend an employer from participating in any of its events and/or services based on student complaints, behaviour or actions by the employer contrary to the employer guidelines, and for any reason deemed necessary by Capilano University's Career Development Centre.  

We do not regularly vet or screen employers, although we reserve the right to contact you for more information and to refuse to post your advertisement.  Please note any advertisement asking students for an upfront payment or a photograph of themselves can be considered discriminatory/unethical and we may refuse to post your advertisement.  Any start-up costs (for example clothing, equipment, product, licensing fee) must be clearly identified in the job posting.

Please note that at Capilano University we do not post overseas opportunities as we are unable to easily verify the positions that we are encouraging our students to apply to.  Thank you for your understanding.

Unpaid internships

Current legislation in British Columbia requires at least minimum wage as hourly remuneration for positions which are classified as “work”.   Because of this, Capilano University will no longer accept postings for unpaid internships unless these are for a not-for-profit organization. 

The following links will be able to provide you with thorough information about the Employment Standards Act: 

How to post your opportunity

Complete the online job posting or volunteering posting form. 

Please ensure the use of proper spelling and grammar in your job posting as the Career Development Centre does not edit the postings for you.

  1. You must include your company name so that our students/alumni know who they are applying to.  If you are a private individual hiring, for example, an in-home caregiver you should use ‘North Vancouver Resident’.
  2. Your contact details should be fully completed and match those of the company that you are recruiting for.  You have the option to select which contact details will be viewable on the online job board.  If you do not want your contact details to be available online, ensure that you click the ‘do not publish’ box next to each field.
  3. The ‘Job Title’ will be viewable on the job board landing page and is likely to be the main factor in attracting an individual to click on the link for your posting.  The Job Title should accurately reflect what the job will be, any company specific or vague titles may deter students from clicking on the link.
  4. The Career Development Centre will only publish the Job Title of your position.  Please do not include additional information in the job title (e.g. “NEEDED IMMEDIATELY”).
  5. The ‘Term of Employment’ should refer to the initial contract.  If it is a contract position that could become full-time permanent, you should select ‘Temporary / Contract’ and explain the possible extension in the job description.  Please only indicate that a job is full-time if you are offering 30+ hours per week.
  6. Unless for not-for-profit organizations, the Career Development Centre will only post opportunities that pay the minimum wage in BC (currently $10.85 per hour).  If you do not wish to disclose the remuneration, please enter ‘To be Discussed’.  
  7. The ‘Hours of Work’ should be used to specify the number of hours per week and any specific schedule (i.e. “35 hours per week, Monday to Friday, 9 a.m.–4:30 p.m.).
  8. Please enter the start date of the position rather than the start date of the job posting.  It is recommended that you refrain from using “ASAP” unless the opportunity is available immediately.  The date should be entered as dd/mm/yyyy.
  9. Your ‘Job Description’ should be clear and concise without any ambiguous or elaborate language.  Be accurate about the duties and responsibilities of the position, and try not to oversell or undersell these.  It is recommended that you use a bullet-point structure for ease of reading.
  10. The ‘Job Qualifications’ should be as specific as possible to ensure that only students/alumni with the appropriate experience and credentials apply.  It is important to consider the number of years of experience that is genuinely required for this role (if any), especially when posting an opportunity for students and/or new graduates.
  11. Ensure that you refrain from using any discriminatory language in your advertisement.  For example, you should use, “applicants must be fluent in English” rather than, “applicants must have English as their first language”.
  12. The ‘Application Deadline’ should be entered as dd/mm/yyyy.  This is the date the position will be removed from the Capilano University job board.  If you need to remove the position before this date, please email Any position posted without an application deadline will be uploaded for one month.  Please note: We find that many students apply for opportunities towards the end of the application period.  If you want individuals to apply as soon as possible, please indicate this in the ‘How to Apply’ field.
  13. Please include all details of ‘How to Apply’ for your opportunity. You should include the email address and/or website and confirm what documents need to be submitted (i.e. resume, cover letter, transcripts).
  14. If you are targeting students/alumni from a specific program at Capilano University please indicate this in the final field.  Unsure about the programs offered?  Visit the Programs and Courses page for more information. 

If you experience any difficulties posting your opportunity to our online job board or wish to make changes to your existing opening, please contact the Career Development Centre.