Senate Byelection – Fall 2019 Results 

Faculty of Global and Community Studies
Acclaimed: Nazmi Kamal – Term ending on July 31, 2021.

Faculty of Business and Professional Studies
Acclaimed: John Molendyk – Term ending on July 31, 2021.

For definitions and election rules and procedures, please see the Capilano Senate Election Procedures (pdf).

As per the University Act, the Senate is composed of:
(a) the chancellor;
(b) the president, who is its chair;
(c) the academic vice president or equivalent;
(d) the deans of faculties;
(e) the chief librarian
(f) the registrar;
(g) two faculty members for each faculty, elected by faculty members or the faculty;
(h) four students elected by students;
(i) one alumni member who is not a faculty member, appointed by the president on nomination by the alumni association;
(j) two support staff elected by the support staff;
(k) one non-voting member of the senate, if appointed to the senate by the board to serve for one year.

For more information regarding Senate Elections, please contact the Assistant to the Registrar at 604-990-7846 or .