An education in the arts and sciences helps you develop the critical thinking skills essential for any career.

School of Humanities

CapU’s School of Humanities offers programs and courses that will stimulate your curiosity and help you develop flexible thinking and critical literacy skills.

Through studying the humanities – from English and languages to history, art history and philosophy – you’ll engage with fundamental questions such as: What is the meaning of life? What’s the value of learning and preserving Indigenous languages? Can we better understand the world we live in by studying the past? What role does art play in culture and politics?

You’ll be prepared, versatile and connected as you carve out your place in university and the world beyond.

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School of Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics (STEM)

Whether you aim to be a creator, researcher, educator or leader, all paths start with skills in the sciences. CapU’s STEM programs and courses encourage innovative thinking and keen observation through a blend of small-class lectures, well-equipped labs and hands-on fieldwork.

From the foundational sciences of chemistry and biology to mathematical studies of statistics, physics, computing and data science, CapU covers all the bases.

Our engineering transfer programs are recognized across the province for the quality of our students.  

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School of Social Sciences

Social phenomena shape people’s lives. The social sciences examine these influences from the experience of individuals to the perspective of whole societies.

With an emphasis on research methods, statistics and critical thinking, CapU Social Science courses will empower you with transferable skills for a wide range of careers, including business, law, education and social services.

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