Congratulations on being accepted to CapU! Now that you've received your letter of acceptance, it’s time to prepare for your first term. Here are your next steps.

Step 1. Access your Welcome Guide for New International Students

Accessible through CapU’s student portal called eLearn, your Welcome Guide for New International Students is filled with tools and tips aimed at making your journey and transition to CapU and Vancouver, Canada smooth and successful.

In this guide, you’ll find resources related to your study permit, accommodation, health insurance, peer-to-peer support, working in Canada and much more!

Learn more about accessing eLearn.

Step 2. Apply for a Study Permit

Once you receive your letter of acceptance, you can use it to apply for or renew your study permit (and an entry visa, depending on citizenship).

Also, you will receive an email reminder to upload a valid study permit or study permit approval in principal to the Dropbox in your Welcome Guide for New International Students on eLearn

Learn more about Permits & Visas.  

Step 3. Register for courses online 

You will be emailed information about how to register for classes, along with the date and time you’ll be allowed to register for your courses—this is called your Registration Time Ticket.

Before you register, plan which courses you need. An academic advisor can help you:

  • select courses and do initial program planning
  • build your course schedule
  • decide how many courses to take
  • make sure you have all the prerequisites for your courses.

Remember, there are sometimes waitlists for classes, so be sure to find some alternate selections before your registration time.

See How to Register for full details.

Set your alarm!

Metro Vancouver is in the Pacific Time (PT) Zone. If you are outside of the Pacific Time Zone during class registration, your Registration Time Ticket may fall within the night hours of your home country. Be sure to set your alarm so you don’t miss your best chance to get all the courses you need.

Step 4. Pay your remaining fees

To confirm your course registration, check your myCapU account and pay the balance of your fees. Your CAD $5,000 tuition deposit will be deducted from your total tuition.

You must pay your remaining fees before the fee payment deadline. If you have any outstanding (remaining) fees after the deadline, you will be dropped from all of your courses.

For important information, visit Tuition & Fees, Fee Refunds and How to Pay.

Step 5. Find a place to live

Live just minutes from campus in our CapU Residence. It’s affordable, safe and convenient.

Supported by live-in residence advisors, you’ll build lasting relationships while you take part in activities that will help you succeed at school.

Explore all your housing options while studying at CapU. 

Note, if you are travelling from outside of Canada, please be sure to understand current travel restrictions and self-isolation (quarantine) requirements before planning any travel. 

Step 6. Sign up for medical insurance

While living in British Columbia for longer than six months, all international students must enrol in BC's basic health insurance, called the Medical Services Plan (MSP), which covers the cost of medically-necessary insured doctor services.

There is a waiting period for newcomers to BC before the MSP takes effect. To ensure your well-being during this period, we will automatically enrol you in guard.me, a private insurance plan contracted by CapU to provide you with basic health insurance coverage before your MSP starts.

Also, you will receive an email reminder to upload your MSP letter (if you have it) to the Dropbox in your Welcome Guide for New International Students on eLearn

Learn more about Health Insurance for International Students

Step 7. Buy your textbooks

You can buy your textbooks on campus at either the Capilano University Bookstore or the Capilano Students’ Union (CSU). Both sell used books, but the CSU usually offers a larger discount.

You can find out which books you’ll need for your courses in the Capilano University Bookstore directory.

Please note, the CapU Bookstore does not ship internationally. As an alternative, books can often be found on Amazon.  

Step 8. Attend a mandatory New International Student Orientation

Designed specifically for new international students, your New International Student Orientation will be action-packed and memorable.

You’ll learn new and exciting things about CapU, receive valuable resources to support your success and meet many new friends. Your invitation will be sent to your CapU student email account in the weeks prior to the start of the semester. 

We're looking forward to meeting you!