If you’re looking to add depth and meaning to your bachelor’s degree program at CapU, consider taking a minor.

Taking a minor expands your expertise and adds additional skills in a new or adjacent area.

For example, as a Bachelor of Business Administration student, if you take the Communication Studies minor, you can grow your abilities with courses in organizational communication, writing and editing, media literacy, cultural criticism, publishing and more.

What is a minor?

You begin your minor by taking lower-level prerequisites at the 100 and 200-level and later add a minimum of 15 upper-level credits. Most students have 7-10 total courses in their minors.

Minors are different from majors (30 upper-level credits) and concentrations (12 upper-level credits in a specific subject within your bachelor's degree) and are usually declared when you are entering the third year of your degree program.

Who is eligible?

Any student enrolled in a bachelor's degree program at CapU can declare a minor, as long as it is not in their area of study. For example, a student in the Bachelor of Business Administration program cannot do a minor in Business Administration.

Prior to declaring your minor, make sure you have reviewed the course requirements associated with it and contact advising@capilanou.ca if you have any questions. 

Which minors are available?

Below is a list of CapU's current minors. There are more in the works, so keep your eye on this space for more information.

How do I declare a minor?

Choose your minor by completing and submitting the form below. Please allow 4-6 weeks for processing. After processing, your minor declaration will be viewable in your myCapU Account under Student Services > Check Your Registration Status/Time Ticket, under "Curriculum Information."

Privacy statement

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What if I have questions?

If you're interested in taking a minor and would like to learn more before making your declaration, contact our Academic Advising department at advising@capilanou.ca.


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