Bolster your degree with a background in the law when you take the fascinating and challenging courses in the 18-credit Minor in Legal Studies at CapU.

Through your studies in the minor, you’ll pick up important legal knowledge, including gaining familiarity with legal research tools, identifying legal issues, communicating legal arguments and applying legal principles.

After completing one 100-level introductory course, you’ll have access to 26 different 300-and 400-level courses in the Minor, including Sports and Recreation Law, Animal Law, Constitutional Law, Securities Law, Cannabis Law and Legal Ethics.

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Lower-Level Requirements

Total credits: 3.00

Choose 3.00 credits from the following list:
BADM 107Business Law I3.00 credits
LAW 101Introduction to Law3.00 credits


Upper-Level Requirements

Total credits: 15.00

Choose 15.00 credits from the following list:

Students in the Minor in Legal Studies must select their upper-level requirements from the list of LAW courses below, regardless of whether those courses existed or were available at the time the student commenced the minor. These LAW courses are offered on a rotating basis, so not all courses will be available every year. Please note that seat availability may be limited so students are advised to plan their course selection in advance.

LAW 305Arts and Entertainment Law3.00 credits
LAW 308Sports and Recreation Law3.00 credits
LAW 310Legal Drafting3.00 credits
LAW 312Cannabis Law3.00 credits
LAW 315Legal Interviewing3.00 credits
LAW 317Conflict Resolution3.00 credits
LAW 318Meditation in Law and Business3.00 credits
LAW 322Animal Law3.00 credits
LAW 325Constitutional Law3.00 credits
LAW 331Indigenous People and the Law3.00 credits
LAW 335Environmental Law3.00 credits
LAW 340Company Law3.00 credits
LAW 341Securities Law3.00 credits
LAW 355Immigration Law3.00 credits
LAW 360Labour and Employment Law3.00 credits
LAW 370Modern Themes in Canadian Law3.00 credits
LAW 410Legal Advocacy3.00 credits
LAW 415Legal Ethics3.00 credits
LAW 423E-Discovery3.00 credits
LAW 450Intellectual Property3.00 credits
LAW 453Financing the Tech Start-Up3.00 credits
LAW 460Public International Law3.00 credits
LAW 462International Human Rights Law3.00 credits
LAW 464International Women's Rights Law3.00 credits
LAW 466International Criminal Law3.00 credits
LAW 470Philosophy of Law3.00 credits


Total program credits: 18.00

For the official publication of programs, course descriptions and admission requirements please view the Capilano University Calendar.

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For the official publication of programs, course descriptions and admission requirements please view the Capilano University Calendar.

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