The costs of your education at CapU will include tuition and program fees, incidental fees and additional costs for supplies and equipment.

New fee coming this Fall - The Student Success Fee

The purpose of the Student Success Fee is to provide students with support for a successful transition to University, student development and promote health and wellbeing.

For more information on this fee, please visit the Mandatory Fee Table

Fee TypeProgramBenefits
Successful Transition

a) Start Right Here



b) Start Right Here Peers Helping Peers

New students are provided a two week orientation that provides awareness of university life, its opportunities and introduction to the resources available to help them succeed contributing to their retention.


New and first year students are connected with peer support to help guide them in navigating their first year needs for success as well as to foster connections with peers who can help them navigate resources, faculty, and their programs as and when needed. 


Student Development

a) Learning Success


b) Career Development


c) Co-curricular Record


d) Co-curriculur Engagement


e) Student Leadership

Learning Success focuses on providing evidence-based learning strategies and support to students who are academically underprepared or struggling in their course work.


Students are given access to programming focused on expanding students’ awareness and engagement in career development and experiential learning.


Student Affairs will focus on documentation of the skills students acquire through the co-curricular record and begin implementation of additional badging and skill tracking mechanisms.


Students are provided opportunities for engaging in non-curricular skill development through activities, workshops (mental health, well-being, sexual health, physical health, etc.


Students are provided training and opportunities for skill development that help them to build their leadership abilities.

Health and Wellbeing

a) Recreational



b)Keep Me Safe



c) Diversity Education

Students will benefit from active health programs in line with the Okanagan Charter essential to the wellness of students. 


New programming such as SafeTalk for suicide prevention, consent education, the Pledge, and the development of a strategy and protocols for responding to students in distress are offered to all students.


Positive Space workshops will be hosted for students to increase their sense of safety and inclusion and to increase employee understanding of how to better support and include diverse students whether it be in the classroom or through services. 

To get an idea of what you’ll pay to study at CapU, try out our Tuition & Fees Estimator or view our programs and courses

Mandatory and Incidental Fees

When you apply to attend CapU, you'll pay a non-refundable application fee.

  • Canadian citizens and permanent residents pay $50.
  • International students pay $135 (plus a deposit – see below).

Once you're admitted, in addition to tuition fees you'll pay certain mandatory fees, such as fees for student union membership and transit passes.

Incidental fees can include late payment fees, costs for transcripts, charges for form replacements, and other services. For a full list, check out incidental fees.

Tuition-Free* Courses

Capilano University offers some courses tuition-free* for Canadian citizens and permanent residents, as well as seniors.

You can take classes through Adult Basic Education in English, math, sciences, computers and study skills.

If you're a Canadian student, you're able to take tuition-free* English-as-a-second-language (ESL) classes.

If you're 65 or older, courses are tuition-free* at CapU**. 


*For tuition-free courses, surcharge tuition, mandatory fees and incidental fees still apply.  

**This does not apply to Continuing Studies courses.

Learn more about tuition-free courses* at CapU.

Deposit for new international students

If you're a new international student applying to Capilano University for the first time, you need to pay a one-time $5,000 deposit. This deposit will be applied against your international tuition fees once you've registered in courses at the University. 

The refund policy for students from India, Vietnam, China, Pakistan, Senegal, Morocco and the Philippines varies. If you are from one of these countries, refer to your original Letter of Offer.

Deposit exceptions

If you are enrolled in distance education, exchange or government-sponsored study abroad program, the $5,000 deposit does not apply to you.

Study permit denial

If you have not received or have been denied a study permit/visa and cannot attend Capilano University, you must drop all classes before the start of the term to receive a full refund. For study permit denials, email, include your 9-digit student number and a copy of your visa denial to initiate a refund. If you paid your deposit through Flywire, you will be refunded through Flywire. 

If it is found that you have provided fraudulent documentation as part of their study permit/visa application, a full refund will not be issued. 

For more information, visit Fee Refunds.