The Office of Student Affairs advises and assists students who wish to submit appeals or complaints at CapU. While we do not directly hear or investigate appeals or complaints, we are always happy to meet with students to help them develop a strong submission and ensure that it is directed to the right place. We recommend reading the information below before booking a meeting with us.

Academic Appeals

The Senate Student Appeals Committee is the body responsible for academic appeals. Appeals can be submitted to the committee in cases where there is lack of fairness/consideration or a clear example of bias for any of the following:

  • Final grades
  • Denial of withdrawal under extenuating circumstances
  • Denial of admission or readmission
  • Restriction or discontinuation of enrollment.

SUBMISSION DEADLINE: The deadline for submitting an appeal is 21 DAYS from the time you receive the decision in writing.

More information can be found in the Senate Student Appeals Policy (pdf) and in the Academic Appeals - An Unofficial "How To" Guide (pdf).

Students who plan to make an appeal are encouraged to set-up a meeting with the Student Affairs Officer. The Student Affairs Officer will assist you in preparing and reviewing your formal letter of appeal, Academic Student Appeals Application Form (pdf), and supporting documents by offering suggestions regarding what may or may not be valuable to include and further explaining the process to you. Please note: the Student Affairs Officer is not able to edit your work or provide information on whether or not your appeal will be granted.

To book an appointment with the Student Affairs Officer, email


CapU recognizes that students may not always be happy with all of the experiences they have while on campus and encourages the sharing of feedback to help make improvements to our campus. If you wish to make a complaint about a specific department, faculty, or staff member, the Office of Student Affairs can help you to ensure that you have directed your complaint to the correct place and that it is composed in a way that will help it to be well received. Please note: the Office of Student Affairs will not investigate your complaint or speak to the individual or department on your behalf.

Complaints regarding specific departments will usually be made to the administrator of the department in question. Student Affairs can help to ensure that your feedback is directed to the correct person.

Complaints regarding specific faculty or staff will usually be made to the Human Resources Department.

If you are planning to make a complaint and would like to book an appointment with the Student Affairs Officer, email