The Learning Commons is a supportive environment for learning and skills development, individual study and group work. It features reference materials and collaborative presentation facilities.

Students study together at the Leaning Commons

Students can also get help from the Learning Commons support programs: Math Learning Centre, Writing Centre, English Language Support and Social Science Student Success to learn new skills, master challenging course material and build confidence. 

Math Learning Centre at the learning CommonsMake sense of Math

Visit the Math Learning Centre for drop-in and one-on-one help from math and statistics instructors.

Writing Centre at the Learning CommonsEnhance your writing skills

The Writing Centre offers tips and one-on-one support on how to improve your written work.

International students get help from the English Learning SupportMaster the English language

The English Language Support (ELS) is for non-native speakers of English enrolled at CapU.

Social Science Student Success

Advance in Social Sciences

The Social Science Student Success instructor offers one-on-one and group instruction and can provide help with assignments for any social science courses.

Students learn how to get involved at CapU at the Student Life Hub
Get involved on campus

Visit the Student Life Hub to learn about campus extracurricular opportunities that match your interests.



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