Important Notice:

The Writing Centre will be closed for in-person consultations for the remainder of the semester. However, we’re pleased to announce a new online service for student support. Please read the following instructions carefully!

For the remainder of the semester, Writing Centre faculty members will be working their usual shifts remotely. This means that from 10-5 on Mondays, 10-4 on Tuesdays/Wednesdays/Thursdays, and 10-2 on Fridays, we will be available to read and provide feedback on your written assignments by email.

To request help, use your CapU student email account to write to us at Please include the following:

  • your specific writing-related question(s), which might include general questions about grammar, MLA/APA, formatting, etc.;
  • if applicable, the specific assignment with which you’d like help (either attached as a Word, Pages, or PDF file, or sent using a Google Docs link) plus a brief explanation of the kind of feedback you’re looking for;
  • your instructor’s guidelines for the assignment (if you’re sending us a specific assignment to look at).

In accordance with our usual practices at the Writing Centre, instructors will not be available to edit/proofread your work. Instead, we will highlight errors in your assignment, provide some general comments, and point you in the direction of relevant resources. Please see our statement on Proofreading vs. Instructional Editing.

Once a student has submitted an assignment to, they can expect a reply within 24 business hours.

We thank you for your patience as we transition to this new method of supporting you in your writing!

What We Offer

A drop-in centre where you can work on your writing with faculty who are available to answer your questions and offer feedback and instruction. Since many university writing assignments are based on reading, we also offer assistance with reading those texts.

More than 200 information sheets and exercises on many aspects of the writing process, from using commas correctly to documenting in MLA and APA style. Many of these sheets are available online

An extensive collection of dictionaries and reference books on grammar, composition, language, literature and research available for use in the centre.

At the Writing Centre, instructors from the English department are available on a drop-in basis to help all students, staff and faculty write clearly, logically and effectively in various fields of study. 

We welcome writers at all levels, at any stage of their writing from planning a long assignment to polishing a final draft.