In order to live in our community, students must agree to our 2019-20 Residence Agreement (pdf) and pay the $500 confirmation payment. Please ensure that you read this agreement thoroughly before accepting an offer to live in residence.

As part of the Residence Agreement, the student also agrees to abide by the 2019-20 CapU Residence Handbook (7MB) (pdf). 

The Residence Handbook outlines the rights and responsibilities of students who choose to live in the CapU Residence, including our residence standards. The Residence Handbook also provides useful information that is designed to be helpful for those joining and living in our community.

Summer Residence Agreement

Students living in residence during any portion of the Summer 2020 term must agree to our Summer 2020 Residence Agreement (pdf) and pay the $500 confirmation payment. The 2019-20 Residence Handbook still applies as written during this term.