Residence for Term 1 (Fall 2020)

There are rooms available at CapU Residence for Fall 2020 and Spring 2021. If you are looking for housing, apply online through our Residence Portal.

If your application for the academic year 2020-21 was cancelled or you declined your offer and would like to be reconsidered for a room, you do not need to re-apply; please contact us at

When you move into CapU Residence you will become a part of an engaging and supportive community, designed to help you learn and grow, while meeting new people and building lasting friendships. Our residence life team (which includes our student residence advisors and live-in professional residence life facilitator) is here to help you make the most of your residence experience!

Programming & Events

Students who live in residence are invited to participate in regular programming throughout the year. Our residence advisors ensure that there is always something engaging happening in our community by planning events including:

  • Laser tag
  • Rock climbing
  • Spa nights
  • Multicultural nights
  • Board game contests

“I really love residence advisor events such as capture the flag, karaoke nights, movie nights and ice cream sundaes.” – Lucy, Early Childhood Care and Education student

Support & Mentorship

Our residence advisors provide students living in our community with the support and resources they need to be successful personally and academically. All of our residence advisors receive training in peer helping, mentorship and crisis response to ensure they have the tools necessary to provide assistance in a variety of situations.

Students who live in our community support each other as they live and grow together. For many of our students, living in residence is like being a part of a family.

“Residence is more than just a place to sleep and eat. It’s a place of family. It’s group of students and staff working together to create a community filled with friendship and support. Everyone is here for each other, I couldn’t ask for a better place to learn and grow as a student.
– Dylan, Motion Picture Arts student

Accountability & Positive Conduct

Our residence life team also works to ensure that our community is safe and welcoming for everyone. Students are encouraged to hold one another accountable for their actions and to contribute positively to our community. All members of our community agree to follow our CapU Residence Agreements and Standards which outline expectations for residents. In the event that these expectations are not met, our residence life team responds by providing students with the opportunity to learn and grow from these experiences, while still maintaining the safety of our community.