Did you know that getting more engaged on campus can help improve your academic performance? Students who get involved tend to do better academically!

Getting involved at CapU is part of the student experience and this is your portal to do just that. There are many opportunities to learn in and outside of the classroom. Getting involved outside of class helps you apply your learning to other contexts and develop important skills that employers want.

Think about these questions as you are trying to decide which activities to get involved in:

  • What are my interests career wise and how will this activity help reach that goal?
  • What do I feel passionate about or curious to learn more about?
  • How much time do I have to devote to this activity?
  • Do I need to choose an activity that pays or can I volunteer my time?

Many of the positions and workshops offered at CapU can be added to your Co–Curricular Record (CCR) position. Our new CCR is an important way to document your extra-curricular experiences officially, and you can then share with future employers, include in your graduate applications, or however else you choose. The CCR platform also offers a directory to help you search for positions. To learn more visit Co-Curricular Record.

Activities where you can get involved range from attending an event or workshop, to becoming a Peer leader or student leader, being an active member of a club, or volunteering on campus. All of these you can explore below.