Faculty Emeritus Stanley Greenspoon

Message from President Paul Dangerfield on the passing of Faculty Emeritus Stanley Greenspoon

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Stanley Greenspoon was named Faculty emeritus at the 2016 Capilano University

On behalf of the entire Capilano University community, I wish to extend our deepest condolences on the passing of Capilano University Faculty Emeritus Dr. Stanley “Stan” Greenspoon on January 24, 2020.

Stan Greenspoon was a valuable member of our physics department from 1988–2014 and he was awarded the title faculty emeritus in 2016. He was the convenor of physics and coordinator of chemistry, geology and physics for many years, and later served as chair of the Division of Pure and Applied Sciences. Stan is fondly remembered for enriching student learning with hands-on, experiential opportunities.

Outside the classroom Stan was heavily involved in supporting the sciences through his participation in the Canadian Association of Physicists and the Royal Astronomical Society. He is survived by his wife Ellen Greenspoon, sons Dr. David (Marni) Greenspoon and Dr. Philip Greenspoon and his three grandchildren.

Submitted by: Linda Munro