A moment in time: The making of 7pm Cheer

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7pm Cheer - Vancouver, Canada is a film produced by Capilano University Motion Picture Arts student Keaton Lawlor to recognize the work of healthcare and essential workers during COVID-19.

Three weeks ago, Keaton Lawlor heard cheers along with pots and pans banging and knew there was a story to be told. The Motion Picture Arts film student decided to take a break from studying and go out to document how the community was coming together across Vancouver to show support and appreciation for essential workers.

VIDEO: 7pm Cheer - Vancouver, Canada

“I felt an overwhelming drive to show the good that is still happening around the city, in a way that many people do not get to see,” says Lawlor, who has a passion for using video as a way to document and share positive and inspiring moments in time.

Together with former classmate Matteo Welsh, the two students spent the next week studying for final exams by day and filming at night. They headed out to different parts of Vancouver to capture the 7 p.m. show of appreciation.

They used telephoto lenses and licensed drones to tell the story while still abiding by physical distancing guidelines and wearing masks and gloves.

“My studies at Capilano University have allowed me to further develop my skills in film composition, editing, compelling storytelling, and more technical aspects, which influenced how I created this video,” says Lawlor.

“The storytelling came after the filming, and after seeing these incredible moments unfold with our own eyes,” says Lawlor.

From developing the ideas with Welsh, Lawlor found himself referring to areas of filmmaking that he learned about in the Motion Picture Arts program over the past four years.  As nothing was scripted, he needed to create the story while editing footage that had been filmed over the course of a week.

“My hope for this video is for people to see the community togetherness that is still occurring around the city and to further show the appreciation for those that are working hard to ensure our safety and health,” says Lawlor. “I hope that these cheers continue for a long time moving forward, and that we never forget the sound of 7 p.m.”

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