CapU Animation Grad Show launches online May 1, 2020

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Due to COVID-19, the 2D Animation, 3D Animation and Visual Effects grad show is going virtual this year with an online exhibit of student art May 1-12, 2020 at

Capilano University’s 2D Animation, 3D Animation and Digital Visual Effects students have not let COVID-19 stop them from creating and celebrating.  This year’s Grad Show is a virtual event open May 1-12, 2020 to share students’ artistic accomplishments to a wider potential audience than ever before.

COVID-19 created abrupt changes to how students work and learn. It also delivers valuable lessons in how to work in new ways for graduates transitioning into the workforce at this time.

Over the last six weeks, students have learned how to establish a home-based work environment where they can maintain the same levels of efficiency and effectiveness as they would at school. According to Adam Sale, program coordinator for Capilano University’s Visual Effects Diploma Program, students and faculty have also overcome the physical separation by finding solutions to stay connected through technology.

“The majority of students attend our classes both to continue their education and to maintain and build community,” says Sale. “I think through this all, we have built stronger bonds as a collective whole.”

This year’s CapU animation graduates are entering an industry that is well-positioned for working collaboratively, but remotely.

“Early indications are that animation, visual effects and immersive technology are COVID-19 resilient sectors,” says Ted Gervan, dean of Fine and Applied Arts at Capilano University. “This is in large part due to digital production pipelines, high consumer demand for entertainment content, and streaming services.”

For proof, visit the 2D Animation 3D Animation and Digital Visual Effects programs virtual Grad Show at and on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

Submitted by: Linda Munro