BA (Hons), MA, PhD

Instructor, Psychology
School of Social Sciences
Faculty of Arts and Sciences

604.986.1911 ext. 7448
Fir Building, room FR476


Post-Doctoral Fellow, Department of Sociology, University of British Columbia.

Post-Doctoral Fellow, Department of Psychology, Simon Fraser University.

PhD, Psychology, Specialization in Cognitive and Neural Sciences, Simon Fraser University.

MA, Psychology, Simon Fraser University.

BA (Honours), Psychology, Simon Fraser University.

Associates Degree, Psychology, Capilano University.


Deyar Asmaro (PhD, Simon Fraser University) started his post-secondary journey at Capilano University when it was still a college. He quickly became interested in the field of psychology and ended up graduating from Capilano with an Associate's Degree with concentration in Psychology.

He transferred to SFU and became interested in the fields of biological psychology and neuroscience. Using electroencephalography-based techniques, Asmaro began researching addiction with the hope of identifying neural correlates of cue-reactivity associated with appetitive substances. After completing an Honors Degree, he began graduate studies in SFU's Psychology program.

Asmaro studied marijuana and tobacco dependency during his time as a graduate student but also got involved in research with astronauts and experiments that involved exposure to high altitudes where no supplemental oxygen was provided.

After completing his PhD, Asmaro continued to work in the Department of Sociology at UBC as a post-doctoral fellow and continued to study acculturation processes seen in astronauts during long-duration space missions.

Capilano University: PSYC 100, PSYC 101, PSYC 225, PSYC 212, PSYC 213, PSYC 225

Langara College: PSYC 1115, PSYC 1215, PSYC 2320, PSYC 2321, PSYC 2331

Kwantlen Polytechnic University: PSYC 3320

Biological bases for mental health issues, human functioning in extreme environments, addiction neuroscience, cue-reactivity elicited by appetitive stimuli, psychopharmacology.

Asmaro, D., McColeman, C., Lake, C., Burnett, A., & Liotti, M. Behavioral and electrophysiological responses to smoking-related words in a Smoking Stroop task discriminate between relapse and abstinence following a one-month quit attempt. Journal of Alcoholism and Drug Dependence, 3:3, 2015.

Asmaro, D., & Liotti, M. High-caloric and chocolate stimulus processing in healthy humans: An integration of functional imaging and electrophysiological findings. Nutrients, 6, 319-341, 2014.

Asmaro, D., Carolan, P., & Liotti, M. Electrophysiological evidence of early attentional bias to drug-related pictures in chronic cannabis users. Addictive Behaviors, 39, 114-121, 2014.

Carolan, P., Jaspers-Fayer, F., Asmaro, D., Douglas, K., & Liotti, M. Electrocortical evidence of emotional reactivity dampening in psychopathic personality: Implications for etiology and treatability. Psychophysiology, 51, 36-41, 2014. 

Asmaro, D., Mayall, J., & Ferguson, S. Cognition at altitude: Impairment in executive and memory processes under hypoxic conditions. Aviation, Space, and Environmental Medicine, 84, 1-7, 2013.

Asmaro, D., Jaspers-Fayer, F., Sramko, V., Taake, I., Carolan, P., & Liotti, M. Spatiotemporal dynamics of the hedonic processing of chocolate images in individuals with high or low trait chocolate craving. Appetite, 58, 790-799, 2012. 

Johnson, P.J., Asmaro, D., Suedfeld, P., & Gushin, V. Thematic content analysis of work-family interactions: Retired cosmonauts reflections. Acta Astronautica, 81, 306-317, 2012.

Asmaro, D. Drug-related pictures, attentional bias, and cannabis use. In The Handbook of Cannabis and Related Pathologies: Biology, Diagnosis, Treatment, and Pharmacology. Kings College London: Academic Press, 2017.

Vanier CGS Doctoral Research Award, Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR).

Michael Smith Foreign Study Supplement, Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR).

Provost Prize and Distinction, Simon Fraser University.

Teaching Award, Council of Canadian Departments of Psychology.

Frederick Banting and Charles Best Masters Award, Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR).

Graduate Fellowship, Simon Fraser University Psychology Masters Program.

Arthur and Ancie Fouks Graduate Entrance Scholarship, Simon Fraser University.

Gold Medal Award & Prize, Terry Fox Foundation.

Undergraduate Student Research Award, Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC)- Undergraduate Student Research Award (USRA).

Meloche Monnex Outstanding Student Award, Simon Fraser University.

Open Undergraduate Scholarship, Simon Fraser University.

Alumni Scholarship, Simon Fraser University.

Bursary Fund, Thelma Jones Endowment.

Bursary Fund, Capilano College.

Dean's List, Capilano College.

Honor Roll, Simon Fraser University.

Golden Key Honors Society.