This is a course in Differential Calculus which covers the topics of limits, continuity, the derivative, rules of differentiation, implicit differentiation, parametric curves, related rates, curve sketching, optimization, linear approximations, transcendental functions, indeterminate forms and anti-differentiation. Throughout the course a strong emphasis is placed on the geometric interpretation of the concepts of calculus.


Math Placement Test (MPT); or Pre-calculus 12 with a minimum A grade; or Pre-calculus 12 and Calculus 12 with a minimum B grade in each; or MATH 105 with a minimum C- grade; or BMTH 054 with a minimum B grade

Course Notes

No duplicate credit for MATH 108/116.

This is an approved Quantitative/Analytical course for baccalaureate degrees.

Course Outlines

Please note: Course outlines of record posted may vary from the section syllabus distributed by each instructor (e.g. textbooks, assignments, timing of midterms).